CHAOS (Série/Mesure), 2009/2013

An installation of 6 iron elements,

Date of realisation :
3 elements 2009,
3 elements 2013,
First complete installation presented in Chaumont sur Loire 2014

Material : cast iron (Fonderie de la Scarpe, Saint Laurent-Blangy, France)

Weight of each element : approx. 650 kg

Dimension of each element : from 160 x 140 x 100 cm, to 145 x 125 x 100 cm

Dimension of the installation : The six elements are placed in random, but at regular distances, on a regular triangular surface of about 1000 cm x 900 cm.

Choice of a site : Any flat surface of a rather large scale, with no object or public furniture interference. For the viewer, physical contact with the piece should be encouraged. (sitting in and in between). It gives a better sense of the material, of the making, and the scale. As for the choice of a ground, mineral surfaces require no maintenance, while a lawn has to remain cut short.

Lifting : Lift each element to its proper location, then roll it to find the right position, then block it.

Fixing : Can be set on any stable ground. For permanent display wedges can be bolted to concrete blocks embedded in the ground. For temporary dispaly, wedges can remain free.

Maintenance : oxydation is natural, no surface coating. Surface is extremily hard and cannot be scratched. In case of tagging, the piece can be sanded, then rust anew.

Security : A normal use and contact with the piece is harmless, the edges are rough. Climbing or pushing the pieces should be avoided.

Transport : 6 boxes approx : 170 x 150 x 110 cm