# 2014 402
Date of realisation : 2014 First presented in Chaumont sur Loire, April 2014
Material : bronze from lost branches and wax (Atelier Bocquel, Bréauté, Normandy, France), Mineral charcoal.
Weight of the suspended ring: 125 kg
Dimension of the bronze ring : 230 x 225 x 65 cm
Dimension of the installation : the ring is suspended at a (lower) height of 200 cm. A thin coat of mineral charcoal is spread beneath on a surface, approx. 450 x 500 cm.
Choice of a site : An enclosed space of any dimension, but of a good proportion. The public should be able to walk around the piece, but not touch or hang to the ring.
Installing : A scaffolding is required for hanging the installation. The piece is suspended by 4 thin sailing cables or rope, fixed strictly vertically.
Security : the suspension devices are to be checked regularly. Hanging to the ring or balancing has to be prevented.
Maintenance : The oxydation of the bronze has to evolve naturally. No extra wax protection should be applied. An occasional polishing with a dry cloth is possible. The charcoal has to be maintained clean, on its original surface.
Transport : 1 box approx : 250 x 240 x 80 cm. Charcoal is to be found locally.

65 x 230 x 225 cm